Pyla Project

Latest Version is 1.1.7

  • What's Pyla Project?
    Pyla wants to be a new Hylafax client entirely written using the Python interpreter.
  • What can I do with Pyla?
    With Pyla you can basically send and manage faxes. It actually mimics WHFC in its interface so if you like WHFC, you'll probably feel comfortable with Pyla too.
  • Why should I use Pyla?
    There're a lot of Hylafax clients out there, Pyla's main advantage is probably its platform independence.
  • Which features does Pyla have?
     Main pyla features are:
    • Platform independence. It's been tested on Linux and Windows, but shoud work with little effort on mac too. I'm going to test on Mac myself in the near future.
    • Easy to change. Pyla is written in Python, so it should be really easy for a power user to modify and extend pyla's behaviour.
    • Easy to understand. Python language is quite simple to understand, even if you are not a programmer. If someone is interested in Hylafax Protocol you can easily take a look at pyla's sources, which are quite clear (but not well documented yet! ;-( ).
    • Configuration profiles. With Pyla you can setup many configuration profiles so you can share the program on a file server or in a multi-user environment.
    • Fax cover. Pyla is able to send faxcovers. In the package you can find a cover template too.
    • Job management. With Pyla you can do simple job management, such as stopping, starting or altering a job.
    • Admin mode. Pyla can be configured with an Admin user so you can have access also on other people's jobs.
    • Fax printer support. Pyla is designed to be used in conjunction with a fax printer. In this way you can simply print from your favorite application and send a fax. On Unix you can use a simple script (sample included), on Windows you can use RedMon (http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~ghost/redmon/) or similar programs.
    • Ldap addressbook. Pyla can be configured to use Ldap directories to store fax numbers.
  • How can I download Pyla?
          To Download Pyla click here.
  • How can I install Pyla on my Windowz machine?
          Try to follow this howto:  PylaSetup


Pyla running on Linux:

Pyla running on Windows:

Pyla address book: